Why You Need a Limestone Cleaner in Lakeway, TX

Don’t damage your limestone with improper cleaning. Call Restore instead!

Why You Need a Limestone Cleaner in Lakeway, TX

Limestone is a common feature of many properties out here in Central Texas. It’s popular for decorations and building materials, and can be found naturally in abundance. It’s a great material that can be used for beautiful surfaces, and can give your home a great Central Texas feel, but great care must be taken while cleaning it.

Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is made up of the skeletal fragments of ancient sea creatures. Because of this, it is fairly soft and can be easily scratched and worn down. The calcium from the skeletal fragment that make up the rock cause it to react with acid, meaning it can easily be damaged by many household cleaners.

Many people clean their limestone with traditional cleaning methods, only to find they’ve permanently damaged the surface. Compared to other materials, limestone can be fairly soft.  Pressure washing can easily eat away at the surface leaving noticeable rough, uneven patches. Acidic soaps or other cleaning products can also eat away at the stone or leave unsightly blemishes. If you are unsure of how to clean your limestone, it’s best to leave it to a limestone cleaner in Lakeway, TX such as Restore.

At Restore, we’ve been serving Central Texas for years now, so we’re experienced at cleaning limestone. We use a softwash technique that effectively removes dirt and stains, without causing any damage. Our crew understands just how delicate limestone can be, and has all the proper tools and training to make sure your stone surfaces are spotless and unharmed.

When you have dirty limestone, don’t let someone inexperienced wash it. Improper cleaning can cause permanent damage. Protect your stone with Restore, a limestone cleaner in Lakeway, TX that can properly clean your stone with our softwash technique. Contact us today, and we’ll make sure your limestone surfaces are spotless.