Pressure Wash Fence in San Marcos, TX

Looking at your fence and realizing the season has taken its toll on the wooden planks? Instead of thinking replacement fencing, why not take advantage of Restore Pressure Wash and our services for pressure washing fences in San Marcos, TX. With our powerful pressure washing system, we can eliminate mold, moss, and grime from your fencing. Clean fencing deters rot and damage, so your fence lasts for as long as you need!


As you may imagine, pressure washing fences in San Marcos, TX does require a special skill set. Pressure that is too powerful can strip away the wood from your fencing and leave the boards weak and insufficient. Our experts at Restore Pressure Wash know exactly how to handle many different types of wood. We’ll get your fence looking great and keep its sturdy shape. 


We know you invest a lot of time into your home. Your fence is critical to keeping your home looking great and maintaining functionality. Just think: your fence is a first line defense against intruders. It keeps your pets and children safe inside your yard – and not wandering away. Plus, if you love spending time enjoying the beautiful Texas summers (that seem to last from May to October) then your fence is also an important part of your outdoor landscaping! 


Restore has been pressure washing fences in San Marcos, TX for many years. If you are tired of looking at a dirty fence, or want to make sure that your fence is protected against damage, then our services are right for you. Learn more by contacting us today. You’ll be one step closer to checking off this home improvement project. 

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