How to Clean Outdoor Limestone

Not sure how to clean outdoor limestone? Let Restore Pressure Wash help you!

If you’re not sure how to clean outdoor limestone, Restore is here for you! Limestone can be easily damaged if you clean it using improper methods, so we made this article to let you know a little more about the process of limestone cleaning. We are experts on how to clean outdoor limestone here at Restore Pressure wash, and do it all the time.


First, gently rinse the limestone with a hose. This will remove any loose dirt/debris. Then mix two to three drops of neutral stone cleaner in a bucket of warm water. Be sure to use neutral stone cleaner and not household cleaning products, because these can damage the stone. Then dip a cloth in the solution and wipe down the stone. If the limestone has a rough surface you can use a brush. Be sure to rinse each section with warm water after you scrub it with the stone cleaner. If you let it dry on the stone it may cause streaks and smudges on the surface. After rinsing, dry the surface with a clean towel. This process will mostly remove any dirt and smudges from your outdoor limestone.


This process should remove most stains, but your outdoor limestone may have some tougher stains that this method won’t remove. If you experience this, you will need an oscillating tool equipped with 220 grit sandpaper. These stains are a little tricky because this process can damage the limestone if you are not extremely careful. But fear not! Restore Pressure Wash has an experienced staff that knows how to clean outdoor limestone without damaging it! We are experienced in many outdoor cleaning services, including limestone, a necessity is Central Texas. So if you’re not sure how to clean outdoor limestone and are worried about damaging it, contact Restore Pressure Wash!