Cleaning Limestone Masonry in Lakeway, TX

Have you noticed the limestone siding of your house getting dirty, but you’re afraid that pressure washing would hurt it? Not a problem, here at Restore Pressure Washing we use a method of cleaning called soft washing, that doesn’t damage the stone at all and takes care of cleaning limestone masonry in Lakeway, TX!

Restore Pressure Washing is a licensed and insured, locally owned and operated company located here in central Texas that works all around the area various jobs including cleaning limestone masonry in Lakeway, TX. Limestone is expensive and many people would rather let it stay dirty than cleaning it and possibly damaging the stone! The solution to cleaning limestone masonry in Lakeway, TX is soft wash, which is different than pressure washing or power washing, because its uses a less powerful jet stream of water.


You shouldn’t use a power washer or pressure washer for cleaning limestone in Lakeway, TX because you will most likely will strip away a layer of stone in the process, making your limestone less durable. Cleaning a cement driveway is much different than cleaning limestone masonry in Lakeway, TX because cement can take higher pressure water jet streams, and cement is also much cheaper than limestone siding on a house. Protect your limestone investment, clean it properly!


It’s important to take care of the siding on your house, cleaning is part of that, and because you can’t use higher pressure jet streams it's best to call a professional to ensure your limestone siding will not be damaged while cleaning. Contact us today for more information on cleaning limestone masonry in Lakeway, TX or other jobs involving pressure washing! We want to make sure your limestone looks great and is well cared for!